Bee Kind.

Our bees need us, badly. Education is a key part of bringing awareness to people all over the world.

Help us. Help Bees.

Bee the change.

Saving the bees is a big job and truly a needed one, but taking action is easy! Even you can make our world a healthier place for bees.  One of the largest threat to bees is the lack of habitat due to urban sprawl. Help save the bees with Bee Golden and support ethical rescue and relocation efforts.

Help the hive.

Helping the fragile ecosystem our bees need to flourish is mission critical. We are dedicated to furthering our outreach to the communities that are in need of a safe and effective way to reintroduce bees into happy and healthy environments. Honeybees make up the largest population of pollinators we rely on for our food.

Bee educated.

We encourage everyone to get involved! The more we all are educated on bees and how they effect our environment, the better off we all are. We are looking to expand our efforts in communities to help foster a new relationships with these magical creatures. Please contact us with how you can get involved.